81% Of Parents Threaten Their Kids, 11% Tell Their Kids They Will Leave Them! Oh India


A recent study in India has highlighted some very interesting parenting trends, parents who lure their child with their favourite toy or chocolate to complete a task,  or those that threaten them with dire consequences if they don’t, have been asked to rethink their approach,because bribery and threats are also methods used by pedophiles to lure and abuse children, the STUDY found, not us!

 The survey was conducted in January by the Podar Institute of Education, with help of member schools of Early Childhood Association (ECA). It was released this month after rigorous interviews with 3,000 parents of children aged between 3-12 years in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai.

Worrisome trend’
Swati Popat (President of The ECA) “It is a worrisome trend when linked with the rising instances of child sexual abuse. We are not saying that this could be the cause of the increase in sexual abuse cases, but it definitely brings to light what parents can do to not let their children become an easy prey of paedophiles smart enough to identify and use their weakness against them. We also urge schools and teachers to be aware of the same and not include it as part of their disciplining in schools.”

Betting on threats
81%: Parents admitted to threatening their children
33%: Parents threaten a child with sending them to boarding school
26%: Parents threaten children by hitting them
12%: Parents tell children how a bogeyman will take them away
11%: Parents also tell children how mom and dad will go away
(Figures from survey conducted by Podar Institute of Education with member schools of ECA)

Experts weigh in
Dr. Seema Hingorany,
Clinical psychologist
‘This emotionally immature way of parenting dangerously impacts the child’s personality. Threatening children for anything will never build the confidence needed to share things with parents if they are being harmed.’

Arundhati Chavan,
President, state PTA forum
‘Rewarding children for a good job would be positive, but it is very important to give the child a proper explanation for it. There is a need to create awareness among the new generation of parents regarding this.’


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