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Parkfield Central Bar is in Wolverhampton’s Parkfield area, bet you never would have guessed that. Martin St is not easy to find, and finding this place can be tricky, it’s a 15 minute drive from Bentley Bridge shopping area, Molineux is 11 minutes away, Monmore dog track is 5 mins drive and Dunstable Park horse racing track is 10 minutes away.

Appearance & Entry:

We all look at each other and sense check this is the place, it is, it’s not appealing from the outside, and should we judge this book by its cover? Nah we are hungry, it’s been a long drive.

Walking In & Bar:

The place is busy, the atmosphere is loud and the room is long, and thin, we can see down the room, sports is on the TV and the place has a good feel, on walking in we felt a few eyes on us, as non regulars this was not nice, but as we approached the bar the staff and regulars were welcoming. We were made to feel welcome, if you are looking for art decor and Van Gough’s on the wall, be warned this is not that venue, I like that.

The drinks on display are plentiful and everything we need is on offer, the prices are in the same region as all other Black Country Desi Pubs we have been to. The guy behind the bar seems to be the happiest bar man we have seen, smiling and sharing shots, real centre of attention.

It Begins:

The menu is varied, and if you are Vegan/vegetarian, wow, check this place out, they offer a great selection for non meat eaters.

The prices of the food seem very reasonable, we do not mind paying extra for good food, and hope the price does not reflect the quality of the meat.


The sizzler arrives in 24 minutes, this is impressive, we replaced the fish with extra chicken, and they had no hesitation in doing this for us. The onions look tired, they have been fried, but maybe too much.

Chicken Tikka: Large pieces, and plentiful, well coloured and they taste really good, cooked well yet lacking the spice we require, we do like spice though.

Lamb Shish Kebab:  Again cooked well, and tasty not greasy at all, spicier than the chicken above.

Wings:  Cooked well and full of flavours, enjoyable, but like the chicken above not as spicy as we would like.

Lamb Chops: Wolves know how to do chops; these are good, cooked well, flavoured and just really good, happy group of food eaters here.

Now to check out the Curries:

Chicken Tikka Masala: Hot and plenty of chunks, the sauce is creamy and is really impressive, the dish as a whole like the chicken above just lacked spice, other than that all elements were delivered well.

Lamb Curry: The spice on all the lamb selections has been very good, and the curry does not disappoint, it’s tasty the sauce is lovely and the meat ratio is a plus.


From outside this place is nothing special, and to be honest does not look welcoming, on walking in we felt a bit strange, but that soon went the place has a great atmosphere and the bar tender has the whole place in the palm of his hands, really welcoming, don’t be fooled by the outside.

Drinks and food prices are impressive, and in addition to the normal drinks the added bonus of creative shots is a winner, the place is clean, tables are shiny and hygiene is not an issue.

We did not have to wait long for our food, and it was served hot and smoking, the Chicken dishes all lacked a real kick of spice, in total contrast to the lamb, which was strange, the sizzler was good and the curries were cooked very well. The lamb dish was bang on.

If you are planning a night in and around Wolverhampton, this place should be on the list, it is busy and has a great atmosphere, ask for spice though LOL. The added addition of vegan/veggie dishes is something others should really look into, and maybe we should send the Sabji Hunter here to check it out.


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