Divorce Filed! Roti’s Not Round Enough and Chore’s List


Divorces can be agonizing, and this women deserves medal for putting him with this guy. A woman in Pune, Maharashtra, has filed a petition in the court seeking to divorce of her husband, the reasons why? Her engineer husband demands that she cook ‘rotis’ for him having a diameter neither more, nor less than 20 centimeters. She alleged that he measures the rotis, and physically assaults her if they don’t turn out to be of the correct size and dimensions.

The woman has described the idiosyncratic behavior of her husband in full in her case file, the marriage has lasted 10 years. She told the court that her husband expects superfluity in everything. She said that her spouse wants her to tabulate all the daily chores on a sheet and demarcate those using different colours. On top of that, he also asks her to prepare a separate column wherein those tasks are to be mentioned which haven’t been completed, and that too with reasons. She also accused him of abusing her if she left any food in her plate.

And if all this wasn’t enough, the woman accused him of torture, claiming that he pours cold water on her and shuts her up in an air conditioned room. The woman has stated that she thought of committing suicide many times, but held herself back for her only daughter.

The man seems to be a nutter! She needs that divorce


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