Redbridge’s newly selected mayor steps down to ‘shield’ his wife


UPDATED: Redbridge’s newly selected mayor has stepped down to “shield” his family from the public after his appointment caused his wife’s past to be dredged up by the media

Today, (Tuesday, January 15) Cllr Varinder, talking to the Ilford Recorder exclusively, said: “I have taken time and reflected on the events of the past weekend and the concerns of my family, friends and colleagues and have decided to withdraw my name from consideration for the mayoralty of Redbridge.

“The Redbridge mayoralty is a hugely important and distinguished position and one which I do not wish to do undue harm by allowing it to become mired in controversy.

“I stand united with my beloved wife and my wider family.

“They have always loved and supported me and now it is my time to shield them from public speculation and hearsay.”

Leader of the Redbridge Labour Group, Councillor Jas Athwal said: “I accept Cllr Singh-Bola’s decision to withdraw his nomination.

“We will now move on and look at further candidates for Mayor of Redbridge in 2019/20”.

No further comment will be made by Cllrs Singh-Bola and Athwal, nor the Redbridge Labour Party on the matter.

Cllr Singh-Bola will still keep his role as a councillor.

Original Story here:

The Daily Mail have printed an article which is doing the rounds on social media and has upset many who had lost a close friend, the article is about how the girl who ‘Honey trapped’ Gagandip Singh (from the Sikh Channel ) to his death, is now set to become a mayoress in a London borough, only 4 years after her release from Prison.

The story is in full at the Daily Mail, and also details are below

A ‘honeytrap’ beauty who lured an infatuated Sikh TV executive to his grisly death is to become a mayoress just four years after leaving prison.

Mundill Mahil invited Gagandip Singh, 21, to her student flat where he was beaten savagely over the head by another man then tied up with electrical cord and trapped in the boot of his Mercedes car which was set on fire.

Mahil was sentenced to six years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm in 2012 but was released on licence in 2014.

Since her release from jail after serving half her sentence, Mahil has rebuilt her life by becoming a personal trainer and marrying Varinder Singh Bola, a rising star of the Labour Party.

Mr Bola this week announced he is mayor-elect of one of London’s fastest growing boroughs.

His distraught family today told MailOnline how Mahil’s social climbing is an insult, especially as she only served half her sentence behind bars.

His sister Amandip Kaur Singh, 26, said: ‘That woman lured my brother to a horrible death and yet served just three years in prison for it.

‘She has only been out for four years and is now going to be a mayoress, through her husband, but will be afforded as much respect as him.

‘She will be on his arm at official functions, where she’ll no doubt launch a charm offensive with the gathered dignitaries. But she doesn’t deserve any of it.

‘My brother’s life was snatched away when it was just about to really begin and as a family we’ve been struggling to deal with it ever since.

‘Yet she’s served a meagre prison sentence, married a high-flying politician and is now trying to ingratiate herself into polite society.

‘Not once has she ever admitted her guilt or apologised to us. She’s moved on and is trying to pretend nothing ever happened.’

During her trial at the Old Bailey, the jury was told that Mahil had ‘played God’ and lured Gagandip to his death by inviting him to her flat in Brighton to get revenge for a sex assault on her.

Gagandip’s body was later found in the boot of the burnt out wreckage of his Mercedes car, dumped 60 miles away near Greenwich Park, in South East London.

Mahil claimed she had no role in the attack and although she was cleared of murder she was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm.

Another man, Harvinder Shoker, who was also infatuated with Mahil, was convicted of murder and jailed for a minimum of 22 years and a third, Darren Peters, of manslaughter, jailed for 12 years.

Sentencing Mahil, Judge Paul Worsley QC said she had ‘many outstanding qualities’ but was also ‘manipulative, vengeful and deceitful’.

Since her release, she has trained as a personal trainer, aromatherapist and masseuse as well as getting involved with photography and charity work.

She has also sought to desperately erase her past by launching no fewer than five websites, all carrying detailed descriptions of her achievements and strengths.

One described her as a ‘highly conscientious people’s person’ but unsurprisingly there is not one single mention of her victim, conviction or time in jail.

In 2016 she married Mr Bola, an Ilford councillor who worked as a senior official in the office of Ilford South MP Mike Gapes and who has been pictured with London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Earlier this week, Mr Bola tweeted: ‘I’m over the moon to be confirmed as the Mayor-Elect for the London Borough of Redbridge.

‘It’s an incredible privilege to step into the role of Mayor following the incredible Cllr @DebbieThiara and represent the Borough I love and have lived in my whole life.’

As his wife Mahil will be free to attend glittering social functions by his side amid the great and the good of Redbridge.


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