Imran Khan & The Tell Tale Book Of Drugs, Sex & Homosexuality


We previously printed a story based on the the leaked excerpts of Reham Khan’s (former partner of Imran Khan) all-tell biography. A manuscript that sent shock waves across Pakistan, we give you the highlights right here: (The article can be read in full here) We have given you the highlights from the article – typo’s and all 

The ex-wife of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman writes in depth about her 10-month marriage, detailing the political atmosphere and the leaders in the South Asian country.

Girls Abortion in London

Reham (ex BBC journalist). in the book, claimed that women are exploited within the PTI. She alleges that a close friend of the PTI chief had to make a girl to undergo an abortion. When Imran Khan was accused of it, he rejected the allegations in public. The former BBC journalist further wrote, “Months later, however, I was being told by Imran Khan himself that it had actually happened”.

Khan’s Interest in Men

Revealing the PTI chief’s attraction towards the same gender, she added, “Money and good-looking med appeared to be the two things that impressed him the month. He raved about the past beauty of people like Pervez Khattak, Zakir Khan and Murad Saeed. The way Imran spoke fondly of Saqlain Mushtaq, the Pakistani spinner known for his cute boyish smile, disturbed me. His admiration for the rather macho Minister from DIK, Amin Gandapur, and his undying love for the youngest MNA from PTI, Murad Saeed, was even more shocking”.

Transgender Provided ‘Services’ to Great Khan

She also revealed the story of a transgender person’s link with Imran Khan. She wrote, “… a rather excited female journalist would one day try very hard to reach me. I was busy in a meeting at the time but eventually managed to squeeze a few minutes out for the urgent information that she had to share. This rather journalist told me that the film actress Resham had just called her and told her how the new transgender dancer Rimal provided services to the great Khan. My lack of surprise shocked the journalist relaying the story”.


She claimed that the PTI chief had also been involved in homosexual. Reham wrote, “He [Imran Khan] spole of a time when a boy signaled to him to follow him into the garden of the school property and performed a sexual act on him. Later, in Worcestershire, while he was doing his A. Levels, he described an incident in the showers where a 12-year-old boy came and forced himself on an 18-year-old Imran”.

Khan Subjected to Nudity by Maids and Cousins

Sharing another story, which she claimed that it has been described by the PTI chairman himself, the second wife of Imran stated, “…it was clear he [Imran] had been subjected to nudity by older maids and cousins. Imran joked about a maid who would forcefully nurse him when he was about 4-5 years old. It became such a habit that Imran once grabbed her breasts in front of his mother, much to her horror. He told me how an older female cousin would force him to touch her when he was not even ten.

‘A Line of Coke [cocaine]is Just Like Half a Glass of Wine’

Reham Khan has accused the former of massive drug addiction in the recently published biography.

The 45-year-old journalist, who also shared pictures of cocaine recovered from Imran Khan’s pocket in book, claimed: “His sexual adventures had started even earlier than his cricketing career, but the delving into drugs started later he claimed. Imran said that he first started on cocaine when Jemima took the kids away”. She added, “PTI founding members also corroborate the timing of his coke addiction”.

“I was suspicious and started keeping a tab on his disappearances. He would make at least three trips to the bathroom every night, and return more hyper than before. He would notice my sudden quietness, and the puzzled look, and would become even more doting. When questioned, he would either deny outright or be dismissive. He would typically go to the bathroom every hour, and eventually, I started noticing the tell-tale traces of powder on his nostrils, and the cotton swabs with Vaseline in the drawers”.

She claimed that Imran would frequently say that I shouldn’t worry about his addiction because he needed a partner to do the drug.

Sharing what Khan told him about drugs, she wrote: “You [Reham] have never done it. A line of coke [cocaine]is just like half a glass of wine”. This line was repeated often and was each time received with the same rolling of the eyes”.

In the book it also goes on to tell stories of Khan and ‘Sexual Relations With Female Party Leaders’TV Anchors and Underhand Privileges,  Sexting, Zionism and Wasim Akram.


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