India Has The Most Selfie Related Deaths (3 this week)


A report by the online edition of The Daily highlighted that India had the most selfie related deaths in 2014-16, over 70 deaths in that period, and another one has been reported today. Making it 3 this week alone.

The Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh saw one selfie related death after a boy slipped into a canal when he, accompanied by his friends, was taking selfies along the canal side. The incident was reported on Tuesday. While taking selifes Pawan slipped and fell into the canal and was washed away by the strong water current. While the police are investigating the matter deceased Pawanโ€™s father has blamed his three friends for the accident.

Earlier last week a youth was killed in a selfie-related accident after being hit by a bullet while taking a selfie with a firearm. The incident occurred when the deceased and his friend were taking selfies with a pistol in Delhi. The incident had happened in the Vijay Vihar locality of Delhi.ย  The deceased youth Vijay Singh (23) was taking selfies with one of his friends when the incident took place. Deceaseโ€™s friend, identified as Monu, is stated to be absconding.

A day prior to this saw anotherย selfie-related accident as aย  teenager student of class 11 killed his cousin accidentally while posing with a pistol and clicking a selfie. The incident occurred in southeast Delhiโ€™s Sarita Vihar.

The deceased was identified as Prashant Chauhan. His cousin a 17-year-old boy. was visiting when the incident took place in Delhiโ€™s Sarita Vihar.

It was then that the 17-year-old boy managed to get a firearm of his father and he asked his cousin Chauhan to click a selfie of him while holding the weapon. While Chauhan was doing so, the firearm reportedly went-off and a bullet hit Chauhan, police sources said.



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