India – Man Losses Wife and Kids in Wager! (Yes you read it correct)


In a modern day Mahabharata style gambling saga, a man wagered his wife and kids and lost all of them in a game.

The incident dates back three years, but police has only now started proceedings against the man. The incident is being reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district.

The woman was able to save herself and her older son, but the ‘winner’ managed to get away with her younger son, who was barely two at that time.

The gamble took place in September 2015. The woman’s husband Mohsin used to play cards with his friend Imran, and in one such game of cards he put his entire family as collateral. Mohsin, who used to work as a daily wager in Delhi, lost the game.

The woman states that in March 2016 Imran along with some goons came to their house and told her that she and her kids had been lost in a gamble and threatened her. Looking at the commotion her husband Mohsin fled with her younger son.

Hearing the ruckus, the neighbours gathered following which Mohsin fled from there along with the younger son.

The woman first decided to divorce Mohsin and then approach the police to get her son back. But the police did not help her stating that this was a “family dispute.’’

She again moved the courts in 2017 who directed the district police to lodge an FIR. The Chief Judicial Magistrate directed the Kotwali police station to register an FIR.

Speaking on the case, the Superintendent of Police (City) Praveen Ranjan Singh said Mohsin and Imran were not traceable. But the police was making all the possible efforts to arrest them them.


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