Ludhiana Police Struggle With Brothel Case (Update)


Ludhiana Police are struggling to find a connection between the Thai women arrested in yesterdays raid on a Spa that was actually a brothel and the said mastermind, Manish Sharma. Why? because the police can not speak Thai and the arrested women can not speak Punjabi/Hindi and very little English.

Due to the women not responding, the police are unable to connect the pieces, this means they are still searching for linksย  as to where and how the spa owner get in touch with the foreigner workers.

Cases under sections 3 and 4 of the Immoral Trafficking Act have been registered at the Sarabha Nagar Police Station. The accused were produced in a local court yesterday and remanded to judicial custody.

Speaking on the arrests, the SHO of Sarabha Nagar police station Inspector Sumit Sood said: โ€œThe arrested Thai woman converse in their regional language and can hardly speak anything in English. Therefore, the police have so far not been able to crack the link through which the spa owner made a tie-up with them. We have been trying to trace the main accused to get some more links in further investigation.โ€

The police are making all attempts to find the spa owner Manish Sharma who managed to escape before the police made its move. The police had sent in a decoy customer to the spa parlour, he was then offered a woman for Rs 2,000. Once the deal was finalized the police raided and arrested all present there at the time.


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