Ludhiana – Rs18 Lakh Stole from employees “BAG”


They are calling it a daring robbery, saying it was copied from a Bollywood film, but does it all sound legit?

Two armed robbers snatched the bag (No Group 4) from private a firm’s employee and escaped via the busy Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana on Tuesday afternoon. The Ludhiana Police have sounded a Red Alert in the district to trace the robbers.

The incident occurred at about 2 pm outside the HDFC Bank on the busy Ferozepur Road. An employee of a private firm had come to deposit the cash in the HDFC Bank situated on the Ferozepur Road opposite the West End Mall.

As soon as the employee got out of his car holding the bag that contained Rs 18 lakh cash! two unidentified armed robbers appeared and snatched the bag from the employee. The robbers wasted no time in fleeing from the spot leaving everyone puzzled as to what had just transpired in such a short span.

Immediately after the robbers had got away, an employee raised the alarm. The police arrived within 20 mins to investigate the matter. Eyewitnesses have been told to come forward and the employee of the private firm has been taken away for a statement.


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