Man Beheads Mother In Land Dispute


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A gruesome murder took place in Tamil Nadu on Sunday, which ended up with a man brutally killing his mother and then carrying her severed head to the police station, where he admitted to killing her (Though the clue was that he was carrying her head). All this was over a property dispute.

The accused has been identified as Anand, a 30-year-old man, while the deceased woman has been identified as Rani, a widow (The police said that the murdered woman had been acquitted in acase of her husband’s murder 10 years ago) who lived with her son and his wife.

The staff at the Karambakudi police station in Tamil Nadu were stunned to see a man walking inside the police station with the severed head of a woman. Once inside the police station, the man, who identified himself as Anand, narrated the whole story and confessed his crime. The police said that accused Anand has confessed that he was having continuous fights with his mother Rani due to a dispute regarding property.

Anand reportedly told the police that on Sunday morning he beheaded his mother Rani with a sharp-edged weapon following a heated argument with the latter in their house over a property dispute. After that he surrendered at the Karambakudi police station and confessed his crime, police are now continuing to question him reference this case and the case of his father 10 years ago.


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