Man Who Tricked 4 Straight Men Into Having Blindfolded Sex By Pretending To Be A Woman – Jailed!!


A predator who tricked four straight men into having blindfolded sex with him by masquerading as a woman online has been jailed for 15 years.

Duarte Xavier, 33, posed as “Ana” on dating apps including Tinder and sent provocative images to fool the victims into meeting for sexual encounters.

By pretending that you were an attractive and sexually adventurous young woman, you tempted them into engaging in sex with you.

The judge said, “I have taken into account your deliberate and cruel tactics that you carefully used to subject your victims to this activity.

“You have demonstrated no remorse or understanding of the position of your victims.”

Xavier, who committed his offences between February 2016 and April this year, was arrested twice and released pending inquiries but not charged until his third arrest in April.

He committed two offences while on bail.

Xavier, of Wandsworth, south-west London, was found guilty of six counts of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent in October following a trial.

He was sentenced to 11 years each for counts one and two; four years each for counts three and four; and six years each for counts five and six.

The sentences for counts one, two, five and six are to be served concurrently.

Those for counts three and four, which were committed once Xavier had been bailed, were ordered to be served concurrently with each other but consecutive to the other counts, making a total of 15 years’ imprisonment.

The Metropolitan Police have appealed for any other potential victims of Xavier to get in touch.


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