Mum Bites A Chunk From Friends Ear In Kebab Shop (Video & Images Included)


A mixed kebab special please, “Do you want all the meats?”

Be careful how you answer that. This is the sickening moment a mum bit off half of her friend’s ear, the attack was described as “brutal” by a judge – happened during a row on boozy night out.

Victoria Burgess bit through the entire length of Jenna Edwards’s ear and took place in a Newport Kebab shop. Ms Edwards was then kicked while she lay on the floor bleeding and in shock.

A court heard the victim subsequently found part of her ear on the floor and picked it up before dropping it back to the ground as she was “horrified”.

Sentencing Burgess at Newport Crown Court on Wednesday, Judge Daniel Williams described the attack as “brutal”, reports Wales Online.

Bethan Evans, prosecuting, said Burgess and Jenna Edwards had been friends for about four years.

The day before the incident they took their children to a play centre together and Burgess said she was fed up of being stuck in the house every day. Prosecutors said they made plans to go and play bingo the next day and Ms Edwards went to the defendant’s home at around 5pm.

Prosecutors said they decided to go and get food and walked past a woman who appeared to be homeless as they made their way to a kebab shop.

Ms Edwards could not remember the pin and withdrew some of her own money but could not find Burgess when she came back. Prosecutors said the defendant had gone on to the kebab shop and “screamed” at her friend something about stealing.

Ms Evans told the court the victim could not remember much of what happened next other than “excruciating” pain.

She said: “She described feeling pain in her ear and blood dripping down her arm.

“Her only recollection is of looking down and seeing part of her ear on the floor. She picked it up and threw it back to the ground, horrified at the sight of it.”

Prosecutors said the severed ear was put in the fridge at the fast food shop and later sutured back on.

Victoria Burgess was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

Image via Wales Online


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