Murdered For Dancing At A Cousins Wedding


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A Married woman was murdered by her husband and her mother in law for dancing at a cousins wedding.

The incident took place in South 24 Pargana of West Bengal. According to reports 18 year old Sapna (who was only recently married herself) went with her husband Subir Nashkar to a relative’s house to attend a wedding where she reportedly danced to her heart’s content. This left her husband fuming. Reportedly, Subir was upset at seeing his wife dancing at the wedding with strangers, which led to a heated argument between the two, that continued even after the two had returned home. The guests were relatives and family members according to reports.

Subir and his mother were furious that she had danced at the wedding. Sapna’s was later found hanging from the ceiling. Locals allege that Sapna had not committed suicide but was murdered by Subir and his family members. Sapna’s family has alleged that right after her marriage, she was being harassed by Subir and his family for dowry with increasing demands for gold and money.

The police have arrested Subir and his mother after complaints filed by Sapna’s family.


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