Narinderjit Caught Pleasuring Himself As He Drove 14 Year Old Passenger In His Cab


Lyft, The ride-share giant refused to give the NYPD the name of a New York taxi driver caught on camera pleasuring himself while a 14-year-old girl sat in his backseat, according to the The NY Post.

By not naming Narinderjit Singh, Lyft let him remain behind the wheel picking up passengers for two weeks before he was finally identified by cops and arrested, sources said.

“To say I’m not happy with them would be an understatement,” said the girl’s father, whose name is being withheld by The Post to protect his daughter’s identity.

“Where do they get off protecting a criminal rights over a victims?” he said. “It wasn’t like I was asking for the information. The cops were asking for the information.”

Singh, 25, had picked up the man’s daughter in Queens at Bell Boulevard and 41st Avenue on Oct. 12 — at around 7 p.m. — for a short ride she requested on the app.

The teen then noticed him looking at her in the rear view mirror, allegedly while playing with himself. She used her cell phone to take a three-second video, which she later handed over to police.

When police reached out to company reps, though, they wouldn’t play ball — and instead decided to shield Singh for nearly two weeks until cops ID’d him.

“Lyft allowed this person to drive 12 more days while he was named and wanted by police — picking up passengers who could’ve become victims,” said retired cop Joseph Murray, who is the girl’s lawyer. “This is legalized hitchhiking.”

The San Francisco-based rideshare company told cops they wouldn’t give up Singh’s last name without a subpoena. Murray said he knew this would take too much time and red tape, so he reached out to Mark E. Wheeler, prosecuting attorney for the TLC, who then helped him find Singh through a public access database.

“Thank God I picked a lawyer who was an ex-cop and was able to get this information,” the girl’s father said.

Murray hopes Singh’s arrest and Lyft’s handling of the situation will lead to a change in local law.

Full Story here via The NY Post.


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