On #WorldMentalHealthDay We Talk Mirrors With GV


A musician’s journey can be deemed fun, speedy or eccentric, the musician will love being called those things; it is rock ‘roll after all. But every so often the artist will see themselves standing in front of a mirror and asking themselves “Am I making a difference?”

It happens to us all, we all ask ourselves that question, whether it is about loved ones or about society around you, we will at some point ask ourselves that question.

So why highlight a musician? Simple, artists have a platform that very few have, they have a reach the average Joe in the street does not have, but to tackle and speak on such subjects is not easy for them why?
It is not deemed as the cool thing to do, and that is the truth, people want musicians who are fun and extroverts to liven them up, so the onus is solely on the fun side of what they do.

Artists do speak up though, it may not be often, but they do, and that’s what Birmingham based music producer GV has done through his new concept album “Starve the Ego”.

We caught up with GV to discuss his latest release “Mirrors” and what made him want to put out a message like this:

“Mirrors, is a song I wrote about addiction, I wrote it in the first person, I wanted it to be from the prospective of the individual involved, not as an outsider”.

“The song looks at drug addiction, but it could be about an addiction to anything, alcohol, pain killers absolutely anything. Our community fails to address these issues early enough and they morph then into bigger things like mental health, we need to start an open dialogue about these things”.

“In the song, I really wanted to get into the mind of someone with an addiction; I have seen mental health caused by addiction ruin families. I wanted people to fully understand what someone is going through, and it is not always just the individual who suffers. Families, friends everyone around someone with an addiction suffers, they too need support”.

“The story needed to be told first hand, I wanted people to understand the long lasting impact of things like addiction”.

“Starve the Ego for me was something I wanted to do, it is important to me that my legacy is not of a musician that made somebody pick up a gun, that for me is a personal nightmare.  This journey has been very personal to me, if other musicians wish to tackle these subjects, that would be great, but me, as GV, I needed to do this”

“Since the release of Mirrors, my Inbox has been full of people saying things like, something like this needed to be done and we as a community need to do more, look, if I can help one person from going down a dangerous path, I have succeeded in my goal, sometimes music is not just about sales and views, and “Starve The Ego” was never about those things, and I hope people have appreciated the messages from me via my music.”


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