Pakistan Man Known As A “Hero” Marries Two Cousins On The Same Day & Time


Marrying two women in some countries is illegal and is looked down upon by society but in some countries it is legal, story via

This Pakistani man of Multan ties the knot with two women on the same day has gone viral on social media.

The video footage below shows a man in his late twenties dressed as a Pakistani hero who tied the knot with two of his close cousins; (his paternal aunt and paternal uncle’s daughters).

He has been called a hero amoung his close friends and family because of his daring gesture of marrying two his cousins on the same day.

Marriage is not treated as a part of love and care in rural areas in the sub-continent, where local systems are run by men and marrige is considered a process to produce children to increase the family tree.

In the video footage below, it clearly shows that the families of the brides are enjoying the big day because they think they have transferred their burden to a brave man who took responsibility to support his new brides.

According to a media report both brides had no objection in getting married their cousin.

When they were interviewed they said; ”they had no objection to this marriage”.

The parents of the brides told, they were very happy with this wedding because this would bond the family ties even more and add more trust and love to it.

Some people have took the negative route and spoke out against this act and said: This is not a celebration of wedding but a celebration of compromise among three families. They think they have transferred their burden and made themselves free of thier daughter but nobody knows whether they will live a happy life based on love and fairness.

One woman said: Everyone has a right to marry whoever they want. But, our culture has taken out the concept of love and the right to be happy, especially for women.

She futher said: The bitter truth is that women are treated as low class citizens with no equality to men in our society. In the eyes of the law, this marriage is absolutely legal and there is no abuse of rights since no rights were given to these women. We are living in the 21st century, our society still degrades women and treats them like cattle. Our media needs to show its positive role in shifting this condition instead of making it worse.


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