Pritpal Singh From England Kidnapped By Wife In India In A Plot To Steal Rs 15 lakh


Man like Pritpal Singh Plah! The NRI from England has lodged a complaint with the Punjab Police alleging that he was kidnapped by his Indian wife for money when he reached India on 4th Nov. for what he thought would be a nice little holiday.

He raised the alarm about being kidnapped when his wife and her accomplices took him to a bank for withdrawal of Rs. 15 Lakh! Yeah nothing like taking a kidnap victim to a bank.

Pritpal Singh alleges he was kidnapped by his Indian wife and her accomplices from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. They locked him up for five days in Jalandhar, Punjab and thrashed him, daily reports the Times of India.

The conspiracy came to the light when Plah was taken to the NRI branch of State Bank of India by his wife Rajni Sharma (44), her mother and two other accomplices to withdraw Rs. 15 lakh from his account.

In the bank, he somehow managed to write on the withdrawal slip “Call the police, I am kidnapped” and gave it to the woman at the counter. She took it to the Bank’s manager which gave the alleged kidnappers a hint of something going wrong in the execution of their plan. Sensing trouble, the NRI’s wife and her accomplices fled from the bank, says the publication.

Plah, a permanent resident of England, filed a complaint with the Police and told that he married Rajni in March this year. He also told that when he came to India last month, his foreign currency was missing. He suspected that his wife might have stolen the money, reported The Tribune.

It further quoted the NRI’s statement to police, “I did not talk to my wife later as I suspected that she got married to me to usurp my money and property. On Nov. 4, I landed at Delhi airport. I did not inform my wife about my arrival in India. I hired a taxi (an Innova) from the airport. The moment I sat in the car, my wife and the other suspects also boarded the taxi and they forcibly took me to Dakoha in Jalandhar. They kept me there for five days in illegal confinement. They thrashed me and snatched my all belongings.”


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