Satnam Singh – The First Punjabi NBA Draught Pick, Back In Panjab, Let Down By All?


When Satnam Singh left India, as a 14-year-old in 2010, his story seemed destined for a Bollywood ending. Four years and a Netflix documentary (bottom of the post) later, Satnam is back where he began. But both he and his family feel let down by the very people that showed him dreams of fame, fortune and sporting glory.

India is a country dominated by cricket fans, when players play well, they are not just rewarded with gifts from sponsors, but also the government is quick to get involved. Showering players with land and money is not something the Indian government is shy at doing, so why was Satnam Singh not afforded any of this when he became the first Indian national to be picked in the NBA draft?

Check out this short video and interview from Satnam Singh back in his Pind.

Satnam Singh could have been India’s very own Yao ming, China used him to grow the game to it’s own people. The Chinese government ring fenced money to grow the game in China and set about improving the infrastructure required for basketball. Now basketball is a popular sport in China and it could have been in India too.  Satnam Singh, should have been a catalyst to a better future for sport in India, but instead he may just end up being a famous sporting question in trivial pursuit in years to come. Yao Ming, China, Basketball

Check out the “One In A Billion” documentary here 


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