Sikh Removes Turban To Save The Life Of A Hit Run Victim


A young Sikh man is being widely praised for his selfless act of unravelling his turban to save the life of a seriously injured woman near Awantipora in Indian administered Kashmir last week.

20-year-old Manjeet Singh from the Dawar region instantly removed his turban and used it as a band-aid to plug the wounds of an unidentified woman who was lying on the road in a pool of blood.

The 45-year-old accident victim was reportedly left with serious leg injuries after she was hit by a truck that sped away leaving her abandoned on the middle of the road.

When no one came to her rescue, Mr Singh quickly used his turban to prevent further blood loss from the womanโ€™s leg until help arrived. His quick thinking saved the womanโ€™s life.

โ€œI could not resist using my turban. Anyone in my place would have done what I did,โ€ Mr Singh was quoted as saying to the newspaper Kashmir Life.

Mr Singh works as a daily wager at a local agriculture university in place of his deceased father and is the sole bread-winner of his family of modest means.


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