Sleep Tight – Rajveer Wadhwa (Hayes) Starts 4 year Sentence For Smuggling, Laundering & Drug Possession


Rajveer Wadhwa, 43, of Coldharbour Lane, Hayes, changed his plea on July 31st to guilty for smuggling hundreds of thousands of cigarettes and drugs into the UK.  Rajveer had hid them at three commercial units in Hounslow. He is now starting a 4 year sentence.

The three units were raided in February 2017, officers from the Metropolitan Police raided the commercial units in Cranford Lane, in Hounslow, where they found a huge amount of smuggled goods.

The units contained, approximately 988,500 tramadol and diazepam tablets, along with 588,200 cigarettes and smaller amounts of other drugs, all of which were seized. The officers found the units were registered to Rajveer Wadhwa, 43, of Coldharbour Lane, Hayes , who was arrested at his address on suspicion of importation of Class C drugs through an airport

He was also arrested on suspicion of money laundering and possession of a Class A drug. Around £17,000 in cash was seized from Wadhwa’s home and car under the Proceeds of Crime Act and officers also recovered a number of Class B drugs from his home.

Officers believe the items were brought into the country on a ferry via the Port of Felixstow

Investigating officer PC Tom Blair, from the Aviation Policing Command, said: “This fantastic result is thanks to a pro-active, intelligence-led investigation into smuggling at airports.

“We have taken a vast quantity of prescription-only drugs off London’s streets.

“These are drugs which, if not issued under strict medical guidance, can be addictive and dangerous. Today’s result shows our determination to prevent the harm caused by such drugs and to bring to justice those who break the law.”

On December 15 last year, Wadhwa was charged with possession of goods with intent to evade duty, possession of a controlled drug and possession with intent to supply a controlled drug.

He was also charged with possession with intent to supply a controlled drug and concealing/disguising/converting/transferring/removing criminal property.

He appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on January 24 where he pleaded guilty to the first four charges but pleaded not guilty to concealing criminal property.

He changed his plea at a court appearance on July 31.


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