When Vlogging Goes Wrong – Pregnant Wife Jailed For Stunt That “Went Wrong”


Vloggers will do anything for fame it seems, and vlogging couple Monalisa and Perez took things way to far.


The couple were trying to create a viral video where a bullet was stopped by a book, however the bullet pierced the book and Ruiz died. Perez accepted an agreement with prosecutors in December and pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter. Two cameras captured the tragic shooting outside the couple’s home in Halstad previous year. A judge in Norman County on Wednesday also banned Monalisa Perez from ever owning a gun again and prohibited her from profiting from the story of the fatal shooting last June at their home in Halstad.

Authorities in Minnesota agreed a plea deal with Perez, which stipulated a 180-day term of confinement. The young couple had a YouTube channel in which they vlogged about “the real life of a young couple who happen to be teen parents” as well as posting pranks. Ruiz held up a hardcover encyclopedia against his chest as Perez fired a shot from a.50-caliber Desert Eagle gun. Perez called 911, but medics couldn’t do anything for Ruiz. 2nd Package Explosion This Month Kills Teen in Austin Rewards from state and local authorities worth $65,000 have been offered for information leading to an arrest. Each of the first two package bombs killed the person who tried to open it. He had shown Perez another book he had shot and the bullet did not go all the way through.

The two cameras that Ruiz had set up recorded the shooting, but investigators have so far withheld multiple videos of the incident. With their video cameras recording and alarmed onlookers watching, Perez, who was pregnant with the couple’s second child, pulled the trigger. ‘Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most risky videos ever, ‘ Perez wrote on Twitter prior to performing the stunt.

During a court hearing in Minnesota on Wednesday, judge Jeffrey Remick said Perez would serve her time in 10-day increments over three years in accordance with the plea agreement recommendations. “HIS idea not MINE”, she wrote. Brue said that he was satisfied that the sentence held Perez accountable for “culpable negligence that led to the tragic and completely avoidable death”. “The reality that this foolish stunt was dreamed up, planned, and executed by Pedro Ruiz, and the defendant wrongfully and tragically relied on his assurances that the stunt was safe”, Brue told the Star Tribune.


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