Will This Be The First Music Video Targeted By New Commission In Punjab


Navjot Singh Sidhu’s newly created Punjab Culture Commission sits on May 4th to discuss the content and style of modern Punjabi songs (Check out the article here discussing that issue).
As we have been made aware, TV stations have put in call’s to artists to be more careful when deciding upon the content of both songs and videos, so is this track below going to be the first one that may fall foul of the new rules?

Gunshot, by Deep Jandu and Karan Aujla, is the track, and as you would have seen from the video, it is what it says on the tin, full of Gun shot’s, but is it more or less violent than some Bollywood film trailers, that we can argue all day, and Bollywood film trailers are not going to be part of the remit of the Punjabi Culture Commission as they are not in Punjabi?! work that one out.

(Check out the interview with T-Dot Films about the new video guidelines here)

So will this song get aired on ZEE Punjabi, or PTC Channels, let see if they abide by the rules or will they in-fact test the strength of the commission!


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