10 Famous Punjabi Singers Of Today Performing In Their Youth!


When singers start out they have a serious passion for the scene and their art-form, they are ready to sing and perform at the drop of a hat.

They never know who may see that performance and what it may lead to and on the flip side, who in the future may be looking back at it as we are here!

The talent is real, and you can see from the videos how passionate the singers were/are about performing, and we as fans are just glad they got their big breaks…..

In Part 1 we see the following singers performing: 

Sharry Mann, Honey Singh (Hosting), Ninja, Kanwar Grewal, Akhil, Jassi Gill 

In Part 2 we see the following singers performing: 

Sidhu mooswala, Babbal Rai, Miss Pooja, Kamal Khan, Amrit maan


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