12 Bottlan Romy Bakshi – The Debut Song From A New UK Punjabi Folk Singer


The UK Scene over the last two years has been like buses. No releases at all then boom we have 5 in the space of two weeks. The latest to throw his hat in the ring is debut artist Romy Bakshi with his song 12 Bottlan. DesiBel media have released the new Punjabi song and music is by Kam Frantic.

Folk, that is the best way to describe Romy Bakshi. A huge fan of the Punjabi folk legends and newer artists such as JK, it was always going to rub off on how Romy sings. First and foremost the production by Kam Frantic is polished, desi and really does take us back to the heyday of music releases from the frantic studios. Romy delivers well on this his debut song. 12 Bottlan is a drinking song but lyrically stays away from so many cliches that seem to appear in songs today. That in its self is impressive. Vocally Romy has unique style and that will set him apart, for now, keep it folk keep it real and success will come! A solid debut that deserves a listen:

12 Bottlan Romy Bakshi

Producer: Kam Frantic Music Publisher: DESIbel Media Lyricist: Jagga Bijapuria Composer: Kam Frantic Composer: Romy Bakshi



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