12 Man Attack In Richmond (NY) Gurdwara Car Park Leaves Community Stunned


It seems as if Punjabi on Punjabi crime knows no bounds as the videos below highlights, the incident took place in the car park of Richmond Gurdwara New York in broad daylight and has left the Sikh community stunned.

The Gurdwara was open at the time of the attack and it was their CCTV that captured the trouble. Video 1 shows two cars pulling into the Gurdwara and one parking up, the other is then attacked when it drives offย  towards the Gurdwara rear entrance, the car is attacked by 12 men all believed to be Punjabi.

Video 2 shows those attacked getting taken away by an Ambulance, Video 3 again highlights the concern of the sangat. Video 4 is of the car that was attacked


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