121 Million Views And Rising – But Have You Heard Of The Bhangra Track


Many a heated debate has been had on social media about fake views and the actual number of views on certain videos, that debate will run and run, but many of those people who were calling out such views, now seem to be very quite when it comes to a UK Record label song hitting over the 120 million mark, especially as it is a track most of you have not heard!

The track is “Daru Badnaam” by Kamal Kahlon and Param Singh on VIP Records, yes those household names, so how the hell do you get 120 million+ views from a track where the singers are not known and the video is not on repeat on every TV channel pumping desi music? fake views right? No, you use the power of social media, and seeding.

So how did Daru Badnaam go from just being a basic VIP Record release to being added to playlists across India, yet escaping peoples attention?

India’s vloggers loved this tune, and in October it was used by 2 of India’s top Punjabi vloggers in skits and the song then shot up in figures, the video gathered pace, and was hitting close to 1 million views per day, yes, genuine views. The video got shared by fans of the vloggers, who then added it to their playlists, fans then shared and added it to playlists that they had created, leading to YouTube playlist curators also bumping the song onto bigger and wider used playlists. Please remember India uses YouTube as it’s preferred source for rotating playlists, hence the high volumes of views.

(Check out VIP Records Social Blade stats here)

In November a Whats App video went viral, it highlighted Punjabi officers stopping people at the boarder attempting to smuggle alcohol into Pakistan, what song was used to dub the video? Daru Badnaam!

Since then, the video has been play-listed more and more, seeded in Whats App groups, and has become the go to tune for mehfils across Punjab.

The views are genuine, and who benefits from this? VIP Records 100% and all the act’s from that label. Video views for artists on VIP are now also going up. VIP Records Youtube channel is close to being in the top 30 of the UK’s most subscribed channels, beating the likes of Britain’s Got Talent’s very own YouTube channel. It will hit 1 million subscribers next week.

So whilst a few bemoan fake views in a country of over 1 billion people (we know a small % of views are fake, but people need to grasp the figure 1 billion, and India’s runaway success when it comes to using YouTube, phones do have free data plans, which make YouTube the go to for music) let the rest of us stand and say, “Yo, you heard this Daru tune, it’s massive in India, listen to this”


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