13/04/18 – All The Desi/Punjabi Releases

Song  Gallan Baatan
Artist  Monty, Waris
Music By  G Guri
Label  T-Series Apna Punjab
Content  Pop, love
Lyrics  Modern Punjabi
Music  Average
Vocals  Good
 Repetitive Punjabi Pop, Not For Us

Song  Tere Naal
Artist  Kande, Feroz Khan
Music By  Gurmeet Singh
Label  Lokhdun
Content  Love Ballad Duet Filmi
Lyrics  Basic Pyar
Music  Good
Vocals  Good
 One for the romantics

Song  Jigri Yaar
Artist  Ranjit Rana
Music By  B Boi
Label  Speed Records
Content  Friendship Mehfil
Lyrics  Tradtional
Music  Good
Vocals  Good
 On my playlist, deserves a spin

Song  Saah
Artist  Sarang Pharwala
Music By  Gold Boy
Label  Speed Records
Content  Love Ballad
Lyrics  Dukhi
Music  Good
Vocals  Good
 Dukhi Dil Fans, Not Us

Song  Yaad
Artist  H Talwar,
Music By  DJ Sam
Label  Moviebox Records
Content  Love Ballad
Lyrics  Pyar
Music  Impressive
Vocals  Good
 Worth a spin for love song fans

Song  Without You
Artist  Jass Manak
Label  Geet MP3
Content Dukhi Dil
Lyrics  Dungi
Music  Very Good
Vocals  Good
 Added to the Playlist

Song  Din Maade
Artist  Desi Mafia
Music By  Desi Mafia BBT
Label  Kumar Studios
Content  Punjabi Rap
Lyrics  Macho Pomp
Music  Good
Vocals  Rap – desi?
 Desi Hip Heads, worth a spin

Song  Kalam
Artist  Kiratjot Kahlon
Music By  Kiratjot Kahlon
Label  Bandook Group
Content  Desi Rap
Lyrics  Pomp, Honesty
Music  Strange at times
Vocals  Average
 Give it a spin, good lyrics

Song  Maserati
Artist Amana, S Malton
Music By  Byg Byrd
Label  Brown Boys
Content  Pomp and Rap
Lyrics  New Desi
Music  Very Good
Vocals  Average
 S Malton and production are good,singer not for us


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