19 Year Old Amrit Bansal-McNulty Agrees First Professional Deal At QPR!


19 -year-old AMRIT Bansal-McNulty has agreed a one year deal with Championship team QPR and admitted β€œthe hard work starts now” after signing his first professional contract with QPR.

Amrit has been with QPR since the age of 14 and he is clearly excited about his first pro contract and what the future holds.

β€œThis is a dream come true for me,” he told www.qpr.co.uk. β€œI am absolutely buzzing and want to make sure that I take this opportunity.

β€œThis is the start for me, the hard work starts now. You can never think you have made it or think you’re safe – you have to always set new goals and strive to achieve more.

β€œThat is what I will be looking to do.”

During the close season, Mark Warburton was brought in as the club’s new manager, and Bansal-McNulty is keen to impress.

β€œI am excited about the new season,” he added. β€œI know the new manager has a reputation for working with younger players so I can’t wait.

β€œIt is up to us to make sure we take our chance.”

The winger says his game has improved during his time with QPR, and credits a number of people for his progress to date.

β€œChris Ramsey, Paul Hall, Andy Impey and Eddie Munnelly from when I was with the Under-16s have worked so much with me,” he said.

β€œThey are always on at me, really demanding in terms of what they want from me. They make sure there is no excuse for me to fail, they always push me and I am really grateful for that.

β€œThe last year has been a big one for me. I feel I have improved a lot as a player but I know I’ve still got a lot of work ahead and a long way to go.

β€œNow I can’t wait for the new season to start.”


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