2 Days, 2 Leading Ladies, 2 Releases, Who Comes Out On Top?


The Punjabi music scene is full of new and established female artists who are making waves in their own unique way, for a large period of time the scene was lacking that Independent female presence, and boy is it making up for lost time now.

The weekend saw Anmol Gagan Maan release “Begana” and then today Miss Pooja released her new track with UK producers Tigerstyle called “Tu Meri Care Ni Karda”. The two song’s are very diffrent, and highlight the two artists abilities very well.

Anmol Gagan Maans “Begana” is a haunting ballad which brings to the fore how diverse an artist she is, vocally and musically the song delivers with a lot of class and power, it really works for us, And once again highlights that Anmol Gagan Maan is one of the leading lights on the Punjabi music scene today, that’s male and female.

Miss Pooja released “Butterfly” earlier this year which was very different to this track, Tigerstyle have delivered production wise, with a real Punjabi feel to the track which is very different to what we expected. Lyrically the song is not the best with a real mash up of English Vinglish lyrics, and that maybe is the reason that this will not appeal to those non hardcore Pooja fans. Miss Pooja is a leading light on the Punjabi music scene and that you can not question, but lyrically for us the song just did not work,

But what you think? Anmol wins this round for us,how about you? Either way let’s have more from these two ladies and Tigerstyle in the near future…..


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