2 Songs 1 Town! AJD & Nikka Sev Representing For Derby!


Derby, Just off the M1 on the A38, for a medium sized town it certainly has represented hard when it comes to Panjabi music, and two more releases this week have shown the marked differences in the listening and producing habits of the towns musicians.

AJD needs no introduction, the resident BBC DJ is fast becoming known throughout the land for his Asian network shows, and his continuous life on the road as a DJ. His latest release this week “Bhangra Takeover” sees him venture to California for the video. The video is representative of his fun and carefree attitude, yet also shows his dedicated attitude to his music, with more music pieces than on his previous releases. Check the track out here:

The 2nd release from Derby this week is via Nikka Sev, this is his 3rd release from “The Remix Sessions” series and features an A S Kang track that many new Panjabi music fans may not have heard before “Gidha Pao Kuriyo”

Now the track is not like other remixes that are loop driven, this is more of an ode to the original track with a polished and current feel, defo added to the playlist, well done Nikka, love a song that shows love to the original version.


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