20/04/18 – All The Latest Desi / Punjabi Releases


The Latest Punjabi Songs  20th April 2018

Song, Gang Gang, Singer, Fateh, Rich Rocka, 
Label, Jamifi Studios, Music By, Haji Springer,
Type of Song, Desi Hip Hop
Lyrical Content, Punjabi/English Rap
Review, deserves a few spins this, almost made the playlist!

Song, Gunman, Singer, Sartaj Virk ,
Label, Speed Records, Music By, Dj Flow ,
Type of Song, Macho Pomp, Punjabi Rap
Lyrical Content, Modern Punjabi
Review,we like DJ Flow, and the track, but the mix on vocals during the interludes makes it awkward, deserves a spin, maybe it is just us

Song, Sketch, Singer, Kush Baaz ,
Label, Folk Rakaat, Music By, Brown Prince,
Type of Song, Macho Pomp, Punjabi Rap
Lyrical Content, Modern Punjabi
Review, parts of this track really work, give it a spin, it’s gangster stuff, but may be a grower


Song, Trip, Singer, Badal,
Label, BeingU Music, Music By, BeingU Music ,
Type of Song, Punjabi Pop
Lyrical Content, Modern Punjabilish
Review, If you like Punjabi pop then this is worth a spin, if you are not a fan of Punjabi pop, leave alone

Song, Jitke Vi, Singer, Preet Saini,
Label, White Hill Music, Music By, AVi Districtbeats,
Type of Song, Pyar ballad
Lyrical Content, Dukhi Bandah
Review, If you like your ballads, and a cry then this is one for, worth a spin, but not many

Song, Struggle, Singer, Pavi Ghuman, Game Changerz,
Label, Lospro, Music By, Game Changerz ,
Type of Song, Macho Pomp/Rap
Lyrical Content, Modern Punjabilish
Review, producded well, but vocally let down, just the 1 spin for us

Song, Daana Pani, Singer, Jorge Gill,
Label, Haani Productions, Music By, Star Boy,
Type of Song, Home truths, ballad
Lyrical Content, Traditional Punjabi
Review, lyrically very strong, pulls on heart strings, worth a spin

Song, Hanji Hanji, Singer, Navi Jay,
Label, VS Records, Music By, Mohit Kunwar,
Type of Song, Pyar, fall in love
Lyrical Content, Traditional Punjabi
Review, not bad, worth a spin just see at which point the tumbi string broke

Song, Chandigarh 17, Singer, Happy Jalbera, Kam-E,
Label, Amar Audio, Music By, Rik,
Type of Song, Rap/Punjabi
Lyrical Content, Love Rap, Mehfil
Review, Not for us, nothing fresh or new or stand out

Song, Vaddi Game, Singer, Monty Mehar,
Label, VS Records, Music By,Gaphy Singh,
Type of Song, Macho pomp rap style
Lyrical Content,Confused
Review, Not for us, way too much effort, with very little return

Song, Tralla, Singer, MS Cheema,
Label, Jass Records, Music By, Dr Mike,
Type of Song, Truck Wale Nal Yaari Kinda Thing
Lyrical Content, Traditional Punjabi
Review, Not for us and not for those standing behind him on the tarmac in the video either


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