2019 – The Punjabi Music Collaborations To Make You Go……. DAMNNNNNNN


2018 has been a strong year for the Punjabi entertainment scene, the music is travelling out of Punjab and through the whole of India, like never before.

Pollywood is getting bigger and not just size wise but creativity wise, with more independent releases than ever before.

Yet, us being consumers we want more, we want a bigger 2019, but how do top 2018? Well on the music front, let us dream about collaborations and which pairings would make some serious heads turn if they worked together!

We have paired up some artists who we think could really make some noise and heads turn if they worked together, be that for a single or an album, if these were to come off! Damn, 2019 will be a year to remember!

Intense music and Amrinder Gill
This would be awesome, some chilled out yet firing production from Intense music with those subtle vocals of Amrinder Gill. This would have to be a summer tune, both have that real chilled out vibe and this could actually make everyone’s summer!

Zeus and Ammy Virk
Zeus has many things in his locker, the ability to drop a desi banger is one of them and this could be huge. Ammy Virk has a real polished style of delivery and a unique way of working that we feel would be perfect for Zeus…. Get it on boys!

Tru-Skool – Jatinder Dhiman
If you like it desi and you like it raw, then these two are a match made in heaven, Tru Skool would drop his folk production as he does and Dhiman, well, he would just deliver a killer vocal. The beauty of this collaboration is the love for the more traditional artform of Punjabi music, this would be a banger!

Panjabi MC – Sidhu Moose Wala
Sidhu Moose Wala is a unique talent and Panjabi MC, well, he is a legend, the two of them on one track, this would blow 2019 apart!

Diljit Dosanjh  – Akon – Frenzy
A triple attack, Diljit has played the field when it comes to producers, so to work with a fresh new talent like Frenzy, who is already on that Akon flex after performing together recently,well, this 3 pronged attack would do damage across so many continents.

Deep Jandu – Jaz Dhami
Jaz Dhami is so versatile as a singer, that  he could adapt to anything Deep Jandu could throw at him. The whole UK/Canada connect would be set alight by this.

Eren E – Amrit Maan
A bit left-field but, Eren E has the ability to drop bangers and Amrit Maan, we feel he is someone who would be able to fully grasp the production from Eren and make the track work, different, but potentially explosive.

Jasmine Sandlas – Karan Aujla (Mista Baaz Production)
This would bang on so many levels, swagger, attitude and a serious amount of talent, this would cause some damage, some serious talent on one track here.

Jazzy B v JK (Tru Skool Production)
Do we need to say anything else? This has anthem stamped all over it! Excited just thinking about it.

Gurj Sidhu –  Neha Kakkar (Kaos Production)
Gurj Sidhu is on fire, Neha Kakkar  has always been on fire, but a duet, wow, two super talented individuals on one track, this would bang!


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