27/04/18 – Top5 Desi / Punjabi Releases Today


Gurlez has had 2 song’s out today! the second one feat. Elly Mangat makes our playlist, as did the first one in our previous article, some good tunes today!

Song: Baari, Singer, Elly Mangat, Gurlez Akhtar, Music, Western, Pendu
Added to the playlist, Gurlez 2nd release today, and both have been on point, and Elly is Elly, got to love this duo

Song: Pyaar Kardi, Singer, Sony Maan, Music, Western, AP Singh
Sony Maan needs a hit, this is not it, but she has a great voice and we need some producers to take a chance on her, as she can defo sing!

Song: Chootay Maatay, Singer, Guri, Music, Western, J-Star
Guri releases on the 26th of each month and did so again, we love how he drops everything on time, but this is the weakest of the 4 tracks he has released this year, give it a spin, playlist? not for us

Song: Sang Ke, Singer, Guri Benipal, Music, Western, G Guri
This is not a bad ballad at all, lyrically very good, and for fans of dukhi and love tunes, this might just work for you

Song: Bapu De Kille Singer, Geeta Zaildar, Music, Western, Gurmeet Singh
We have given this a few spins, it is better without the video, worth a few spins


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