2nd Wife Kills Husbands New 3rd Wife With His Children From His 1st Marriage!


A 32-year-old woman has allegedly strangled her husband’s third wife to death in Nalasopara (Mumbai). The deceased’s body has been identified as Yogita Devre (35), she was discovered on March 1 from a secluded site in Nalasopara.

CCTV footage near the location showed an autorickshaw with the name ‘Janvi’ printed on its rear. The Crime Branch looked around for 4,000 autorickshaws in the area and traced down the one in which the dead body was transported.

Neeraj Mishra, the driver of the autorickshaw, was interrogated by the police and they later arrested Parvati Mane in link with the murder case. Parvati is the second wife of Sushil Mishra (45), who is a contract labourer. His first wife resides in Uttar Pradesh and his two minor daughters from the first wife lived with him in Nalasopara.

A year ago, Sushil married again for the third time to the deceased, Yogita Devre. Sushil left his second wife and his daughters to move in with Devre in her house in Nalasopara. According to Mane, her husband was not supporting her and his daughters financially and even denied to keep any intimate relations with her. He also often insulted her in front of Devre.

According to a police officer, “She planned to kill Sushil’s third wife, Devre and involved her minor stepdaughters along with the boyfriend of one her stepdaughter, Shailesh Kale. On Friday morning, when Sushil was out of town to attend a wedding in Ahmedabad, she, Shailesh Kale and her stepdaughters landed up at Devre’s building. They offered liquor to the security guard and when he passed out, they entered Devre’s flat with a duplicate key, and strangled her to death in her sleep.”

According to TOI, Kale then called the younger sister’s boyfriend, Neeraj Mishra, the rickshaw driver and told him that Devre had to be taken to the hospital as she was unwell. Neeraj, unaware of the murder, helped them to take Devre’s body wrapped in a blanket. When they reached an isolated site, they asked Neeraj to leave and then dumped the body and fled. All four accused have been arrested by the police.


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