4 People That Bettered Jay Z’s Bar Bill (Plus Himself)


Jay Z on the sesh!

Yo, big pimping was his line, but is he the hardest baller out there, check out these other 5 Bar bills (one is from Jay Z himself) that make our pomp that we ave left our credit card behind the counter seem a bit “Cheap”!

5) Lebron is very famous and successful basketball player. It was reported that he earned almost $17 million each year for playing in Miami heat. Then after winning the tournament he celebrated his victory in a nightclub of Las Vegas, and the copy of that bill was also leaked in the whole US. He also ordered all expensive brands of champagne which means his bill will be very high, and the total bill came out to be was almost $170,000.


4) Dexter Koh is a very famous talent agent, PR and photographer as well. He celebrated his success at a famous casino of London. He ordered all the expensive brands of champagne without taking tension of a bill, and the final bill came out to be $182,940. He celebrated the night with different drinks to make it more memorable and a perfect blend of them as well.

3) Jay-Z is a very famous rapper and paid almost $250,000 bar bill while partying on New Year. He celebrated New Year night with his friends in a famous club. He also owns a local basketball team who won at that day as well. He hired a private lounge in a club in which there were all expensive champagnes of the world, and he drank all of them as well. As he was a very rich man so he can afford this most expensive bill while others cannot do that.

2) Don Johnson is a very famous gambler, and he celebrated a night in London and spent almost $259,437 in a single night. He started the night with very low priced champagne but later he moved towards the most expensive ones. He loves to drink vodka. He is a famous gambler, so he earns more from there and spends on these kinds of activities

1)The businessman who blew £203,948 on bubbly in a single night as he entertained celebrity guests at a top hotel was a 23-year-old City whizkid.Young financier Alex Hope splashed out £125,000 alone on a giant bottle of one of the world’s most exclusive champagnes.


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