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Sidhu Moose Wala is not slowing down for anyone. If he is not releasing his own material he is building his brand and label. The latest Punjabi artist to come out via Sidhu Moose Wala records is Zane Dhillion with the song 47 Fellas. The new Punjabi song 47 Fellas has music by The Kidd and lyrics by Zane Dhillon himself.

One of the standout producers of 2019 has been the Kidd. So seeing his name on the new song 47 Fellas lured us in straight away. The production like on other songs is, clean, tight and very Hip Hop. Clever hooks and drops do keep you listening. Please note the song does not start until 50 seconds in. Zane Dhillon as a singer has jumped on that gangster flex straight away. His flow and style are very Sidhu Moose Wala. As debut track the song is ok, but long term Zane Dhillon will need to convince people has more strings to his bow!

Zane Dhillon is the second artist to feature on the Sidhu Moose Wala label. The first was Prem Dhillon with the song Boot Cut. The song certainly has worked in Punjab and Canada. The song has proved to be popular on tiktok as well as Instagram. Once again we hope to hear more from Prem Dhillon. Trying out new styles is a must though.

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