47 Went Viral – 3 Other Times Punjabi Social Media Went Into Meltdown


Viral Punjabi Video: Yo’ thats shiz be going viral – A term now as overused as Bhangra producers claiming to have the next big ‘Summer Anthem’. How do you define ‘Viral’ well a good yardstick is the song 47 which had a version leaked this week. It was everywhere, What App groups were lighting up, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook were all talking and discussing the song. That is viral, but it was not the first time Punjabi social media went into meltdown over a leaked video! Here we look back at three other occasions that it all went – VIRAL

Number 3: The white cliffs of Dover with Sanju!

People were still on annual leave from the festive period and then Whats App blew up! Sanju from KFC got caught ‘working away’. The video which was leaked by someone in the family was popping off everywhere. 2018 started with a bang, the videos, we do not need to show you them again. This was viral, that viral it had a remix!

Number 2: Walsall Wala Baba – National Press
‘I want my money!’ Appalling video shows a ‘prostitute’ arguing publicly with an elderly man who ‘gave her just £2 for her services’ then hit her with a walking stick

That is not our headline, but the headline from the Daily Mail. What’s App groups, snap chat Insta and Facebook blew up! These videos went global. The truth is though, we never got to hear the real version from the elderly gentleman involved. But, hey, why let the truth get in the way of something going viral! This was huge news. Gora mans were even sharing the videos! One day the real version of events will be released and let’s hope that goes viral too!

Number 1: Dippa ‘C**k’s Out’ – Still talked about today!

This is now a few years old, but still took the world by storm! Yes the world, we Punjabi’s are everywhere after all. This was the first leaked video that went viral on all Punjabi social media platforms. This was being talked about everywhere! We do not need to share such videos, but Punjabi music producers next time you claim to be viral ask yourself – AM I DIPPA VIRAL!


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