5 Desi Moments That Occurred At The World Cup


World Cup 2018 is almost here, and people all over the world are getting pumped for the 2nd biggest sporting occasion of them all, number 1 being the Kabbadi World Cup, obviously. The World Cup has never been graced by team India, yet, it has had plenty of desi related moments, as you can see from below, and if the we as south Asians had to pick an honorary desi, we think Sepp ticks all the boxes.

1: The Desi know It all, I’m so clever 
If India ever get to a World Cup this would happen! We all know the type, Jobsworth’s, as soon as they mess up they try and defend it it with some crazy logic, but this so typically something a desi would do!

2: Always got to show off
We all know that one desi who just has to go that one step to far, and Higuita is that guy. Like most desi’s he had a job to perform, but could not resist showing off, he had to be that one step ahead, but eventually we know where smugness leads.

3: Dodgy Ref
You know if this had happened during a desi football match, the Badals and the Captain Amarinder would have all been up in arms, and match fixing would have been called into question!

4: Over Pomped Desi
Desi always seem to over sell themselves, even to the point where they start to believe the lie. We get caught up in the whole thing, we think we are invincible, but then the reality hits you, just like a singer with 20 million views and no gigs!

5: The Angry One
Every group has a angry desi, whether you be parking your car or whether you are queuing to get into a cinema, that one angry friend always pulls out that one risky angry move too far, and ruins the night for the lot of you. You can admit it, we all know that one angry desi!



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