5 Simple Steps To Make Cardio More Fun


Tedious and monotonus, two words often used to describe cardio workouts, lets be honest a journey on a treadmill can bring many a person almost close to tears, so how do you make it fun ?

Here are 5 simple steps (you get it steps, cardio, I’ll get my coat) to ensure that boredom becomes a thing of the past as you pound that repetitive cardio plan to a healthier future.Create A Playlist that Bangs!

You could be at the bus stop, but as soon as you hear that song, your leg goes, you start to get pumped and suddenly you are in the zone! A 1997 study done by researchers from Australia and the UK confirmed this theory, when using music during a workout it did help participants perform better overall when it came to exercising.

Box sets On A Treadmill

Treadmills can be testing, so if you wish to make them more enjoyable take along a favourite TV Show, try adding your go-to Netflix show or favorite movie to the equation. Some major wins here, if its a 30 min show watch the time fly by, if it’s an hour long show, you will pay it the attention it deserves, and the biggest win, all your friends wondering, how are you getting the time to watch so much TV!


Prefer walking ? Is being at one with nature your thing, well pop on the headphones and away you go, so many great Podcasts are out at the moment, and having the time to listen to them and pay attention to them is difficult when we have so much running through our minds. So whilst out, why not tune in and indulge your mind!

Switch It Up

Do something different, grab a friend and try a new class once a month, adding variety is vital to ensure that you always feel engaged, and trust us there are so many classes that are just waiting for you, hot yoga, zumba, kickboxing, and popping into your local boxing gym is something that is a must!


If running, cycling, walking, and any other form of moving forward in a consistent direction is just not your thing, get that skipping rope out.

Bring back those playground days and use it inside or outside, how many can you do in a row!


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