51% Rise In The Number Of Indians Getting Permanent Residency In Canada


The Trump administration’s policies for curbing the entry of Indians to the US by attempting to curtail the once popular H1-B visas seems to be working. Yet, Liberal Party-led Canada is working overtime to induce Indians, particularly Punjabis, in a country where the ageing population needs an educated workforce India is seen as key.

Data from the Immigration Division highlighted that 39,500 Indian citizens were accorded entry into Canada in 2018 alone via its express entry system.

All of these 39,500 Indian citizens have obtained permanent residency (PR) in the maple country.
It was a whopping 51 per cent increase in comparison to the entry of Indians to Canada in 2017 as permanent residents.

The express entry in a way was an opportunity for citizens of different countries to enter Canada by way of invitation. More than half of all people given permanent residency in Canada hailed from India.

A total of 92,000 people from different countries were given permanent residence by the Liberal government in 2018.

As many as 46 per cent of the invitations were sent to Indian citizens (Of which a large number of people were from Punjab), which indicated that the Trudeau government trusted Indians more than people of other countries for their hardworking nature.

The invitations to Indians surpassed the ones accorded to Chinese and Nigerians.

If this was not enough, a large number of Indians working in the US, sources pointed out, were migrating to Canada. This is due to tightening up norms of residences in the US after Donald Trump assumed office.

Under its long term ‘talent skimming’ programme, Canada has initiated a number of lucrative immigration programmes suiting different people.

It has come out with Global Skill Strategy to attract investment of innovative companies, helping thousands of businesses and benefitting 40,000 people with a short two-week application processing time.

Similarly, it has come up with the Global Talent Stream which was utilised by more than 1100 Canadian companies to hire more than 4300 highly-skilled foreign workers.

Canada’s Start-up Visa Programme permanent has attracted more than 300 entrepreneurs leading about 200 start-ups that have been launched in Canada.


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