5AB TV- The New Punjabi Music Channel Goes Live Tomorrow! All The Details And More Here..


It was on January 9th that we first released information about a brand new Punjabi TV music channel that was set to launch. Skip forward almost two months and 5AB TV is all set to go live this Friday at 6pm.

We have took a large amount of questions from artists and fans over the last two months about what the channel will offer. Whilst the guys at 5AB TV have been busy with the initial set up of the channel we thought it best to wait until the channel was almost ready, before we put the questions to the operators. Now that we are so close to it going live, we thought we would touch base again.

5AB TV is set to go live on Friday March 8th at 6pm how and where can people tune in?

You can access the channel via our website 5ABTV.com, if you click on the link today you will see we have a countdown to the actual launch. As well as the website you can access 5ABTV.com through our app which will be live on Friday 8th March  via the Apple App store  (Android App should be live by Monday 11th March).

So it will not be on TV?

You can access 5ABTV.com via smart TV’s but as an actual channel, we felt mobile was the way forward. People are now using phones and tablets more regular than ever and the public want things on demand, so hence why we choose to go this route rather than the standard TV model.

Will that appeal to all you feel?

Our target audience for the channel is 16-35’s and realistically how many of that age group are now actually watching TV live? Maybe for sporting events only, everything is pretty much based on services that are on demand and we aim to be the first dedicated live site from the UK, to offer on demand Punjabi music in this format.

Content? Have artists sent in material, will you be showing the latest video’s?

We have  had a huge amount of interest from new and established artists and that has been a real positive, it also highlights that the demand is out there for a channel like ours. In addition to artists we have managed to secure partnerships with labels such as VIP Records, Speed and White Hill just to name a few that will be providing us with new content on a regular basis,

So you mention Speed and White Hill, does this mean that the channel will be pushing other stuff than UK based artists? As the channels first social media impressions were about pushing the UK scene?

We are 100% behind the UK scene and everything it is about, but as a platform we need more content than what the UK is providing, so if we were to say, only play UK releases, we would be repeating a large amount of videos as the amount of content we need is simply not being released. Having said that, we are 100% dedicated to reviving the Punjabi scene here in the UK, new artists and established artists will be played on our channel and we will pushing what the UK has to offer on an daily basis!

So we know how to access it, we know who your targeted audience is and we are also now aware of the content you will be playing, so finally, will the shows be live or on demand?

At launch we will be giving people music 24/7 via our platform, so when you log in you will get music straight away and that wont stop, long term and if people demand it we will start having certain shows on demand so if you liked the romantic hour for example you would be then be able to access that via our on demand service, but for our launch we are going to start with videos on repeat 24/7!

We here at DailyEntXpress.com would like to wish you guys at 5ABTV.com all the best with the launch and we really do hope that the platform takes off, we need more Punjabi platforms offering alternatives and hopefully this is the start! Good luck guys!


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