6 Mehendi Trends For The Wedding & Festive Season


With seasons come trends and you do not want to miss out on the latest what’s hot fads. Today I take look at the latest Mehendi trends that have become popular through the festive season in Punjab and India. With wedding season now in full flow, it is only right that I share these new trends with you all.

Mehendi has now become a fashion accessory that is not just limited to weddings. Now, if you are turning up to an event without the latest mehndi patterns, well, then the room will be looking at you! Don’t be that person! Here is the Daily Ent Xpress top 6 Mehendi trends for the festive and wedding season.

Graphic Mehendi

Looking for something more dramatic? Well, there’s nothing better than some graphic art to make a style statement in. Animal and traditional scenes have been a hit this season! These are fresh and unique

All-time favourite mesh patterns

Mesh patterns were traditionally for weddings, but because they never fail to create a stunning effect, they are now perfect for any occasion. Time and detail make mesh patterns special – Worth the wait…

Geometrical patterns

There’s no denying that geometrical shapes actually work wonders when it comes to Mehendi designs. They actually create a neat look and you can always fill up with floral or traditional motifs to make it more striking and elaborate

Asymmetrical patterns

Contemporary designs more your style? Well, try something minimalistic and chic –  Asymmetrical Mehendi designs are all the rage. Quick, standout and very unique when done right!

Mehendi like jewellery

Struggling to find that magic piece of jewellery to go with your outfit? Well, why not just have your bespoke Mehendi become your jewellery! This option is becoming very popular. Minimal jewellery and a very chic and unique Mehendi pattern do impress!!

For the love of florals

For those of you who love to go all out, elaborate Mehendi designs are of course the best to make a statement in. Among the various kinds of designs one can opt for, a hot favourite is floral. You can mix them with various floral motifs to get a standout look, like the one shown here.



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