8 Donkeys Sent To Prison – Only Released When Local MP Gets Involved


Animals are having it tough this year in India. If it is not raping goats or being turned on by cows, now donkeys are being locked up in prison cells! Peaky Donkeys

The Uttar Pradesh police have a reputation for this kind of stuff, it was only last year that they registered a charge against a buffalo for damaging crops, and now it has come to light that the district jail in Orai held 8 donkeys prisoner for 4 days and the donkeys were only let off, after a “recommendation” from a local BJP leader.

These donkeys had been imprisoned by Jail Superintendent Sita Ram Sharma, who lost his cool with the four-legged animals after they chewed up costly plants brought by the prison authorities for plantation inside the jail premises.

The owner of the donkeys apparently made many requests to prison authorities to let the donkeys go, but no, Sita Ram is a hard cookie to crack and not even animals are beyond the law. The owner of the “Peaky Donkeys” then went to A local neta in Uttar Pradesh and sought relief. It was only when Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) leader Shakti Gahoi asked super cop Sita Ram to let the donkeys go were they released.

With a ruling party leader making the request, the prison official immediately signed the “release orders.” According to reports, ‘locals were amused to see donkeys walk out of the prison gates rather than men.’


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