90% of India’s Online Activities Are On Smart Phones


Some bad news for people who think peoples in India spend to much time on their mobile devices, and some very good news for smart phone companies. Almost 90 per cent of all digital minutes spent by Indians in 2017 were spent on a mobile phone, the highest among all countries in the world.

‘Job search’ was the most used term for Indians on smart phones, whilst on desktops  the most searched term was  “hospital” and “medical Insurance” was also a top searched desktop term. The top five mobile apps used on the phone were Whatsapp, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and Google search.

The global average share of mobile-only users hovered around 30% of Indians. According to data sourced from the analytics company ComScore by the Times of India, Indians spent 89% of all their online time on a mobile phone.
Indonesia (87%), Mexico (80%), and Argentina (77%) were the other markets that were spending most of their online time on mobile phones. This was mainly due to the increasing penetration of smartphones with decreasing costs as well as a collapse in data tariffs.
People are using mobile phones more than the desktop which means ‘new’ digital audience was emerging in India, that was using only mobile phones, way ahead of markets with a bigger mobile user base like US, UK, and others, ComScore noted.



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