9m Views Claim On Sunanda Sharma’s ‘BAN’ Song – YouTube Chart Says NO


Well, we did warn people we would name and shame artists/labels who are not generating ‘organic’ views!

So last weeks official YouTube top 100 chart is out and runs from August 2nd August 8th. The chart has one glaring omission and that is the Punjabi song – Ban by Sunanda Sharma. The song was released on July 29th and had accumulated 6m views by August 1st. That should have been enough to get it into the top 100 official charts that ran July 26th – August 1st. The song failed to chart.

Giving it the benefit of the doubt we thought the accumulation of views may appear in this week’s chart? But once again it fails to show.  So if YouTube is not counting the views as organic, well then, unfortunately, the claims of being a song of getting 9m plus views are not real!

Who is to blame? Mad 4 Music Records? The Artist or the media company? Either way! For all those thinking they won’t get called out – YOUTUBE ARE WATCHING!

Jass Manak (Lehnga) is once again the highest-charting Punjabi song, followed by R Nait (Struggler), Sorry Son by Maninder Buttar and Neha Kakkar is the third and final Punjabi song in the official top 100. Honey Singh and Malkit have dropped from 14 to straight out of the official top 100.



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