A Big Year For ‘Pollywood’ But Will We Get Any Songs As Big As Our Top 10 Cult Classics


Punjabi cinema loves a song and dance, possibly more than Bollywood, 2019 is set to be a record year for Pollywood with more releases scheduled than any other year in the last 3 decades, so what does this mean for the Punjabi music fan? Simple, more filmi tracks and the possibility of one of them being an absolute gem.

We have gone through a whole host of Punjabi films and picked out 10 songs that transcended the cinema and became bigger than the film, these lasted the test of time, these are our cult  Punjabi film song classics (these are in no specific order), Agree or disagree let us know…..

Song – Putt Jattan De, Film Putt Jattan De 

Song – Challa, Film Long Da Lishkara 

Song – Naiyon Pulna Vichora, Film Sarpanch 

Song, Akhara, Film Bagawat

Fim, Anakh Jattan Dee, Song Baniye Ne Jatt (Opening Credits of the film)

Song, Boliyan, Film Badla Jatti Da 

Song, Dera Jatt Da, Film Kachehri

Song, G.T Road, Film, Lambardarni

Film Long Da Lishkara Song, Sare Pind Ch Paure

Film & Song Hawayein 



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