A Busy End To 2019 For Tru-Skool? & More Diljit Dosanjh Songs?


2019 has been a busier year for Punjabi Music being released by UK artists. The one music producer that has kept his counsel during the year is Derby-based producer Tru-Skool. One release this year alongside JK has seen fans waiting for more news and songs! But, Is 2019 going to end in a bang?

It was August 23rd when Diljit Dosanjh took to social media with a list of cryptic clues which lead a tweet from him hinting at new songs with Tru-Skool. Prior to that Diljit Dosanjh had taken to his social media handle to share a picture of a tumbi and he captioned the image as, “navi film…. nave gaane.” Two days later he is pictured with Tru-Skool. Are these linked? Hopefully

Earlier this year It Nimrat Khaira had taken to social media to inform her galaxy of fans that her new songs will also be released via Tru-Skool. A picture of the pair in the Derby producers house got people buzzing straight away!

In December 2018 Derby based singer JK took to social media to confirm that no new album was forthcoming but ‘just singles’, as of 2019 we have only had one single (which is on repeat at most Punjabi weddings), so are we also going to get more from JK?

Whether it be Diljit Dosanjh, JK or Nimrat Khaira, Tru-Skools loyal music fans are waiting for new music, as one thing is always guaranteed – QUALITY! Oh yeah, let’s not forget the songs alongside Sidhu Moose Wala!


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