A ‘Dummy’ Vocal That Went On To Change Mannat Noor’s Life


Every artist can recount of story of good fortune that saw their career benefit and one such artist has opened up about her bit of luck that saw her song become the most viewed Indian song on YouTube ever, the artist? Mannat Noor.

The Laung Laachi title track took Mannat Noor from being a struggling artist trying to get a break to one of the most sought after female voices of 2018 and 2019. Awards and accolades have followed the release of the song and in a recent interview Mannat Noor confirmed that the actual vocal used for the song was a dummy/guide vocal that Gurmeet Singh was initially going to use to entice other singers to feature on the ‘Laung Laachi’ track.

Mannat Noor told the interview that she had a good feeling about the track and she bonded well with Gurmeet Singh and instead of the vocal being used as a guide it was then used as the actual vocal and the rest as they say is history!!

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