A humble request from wedding DJ’s, PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS LOL


The DJ’s perspective, we as the collective DJ fraternity have had some arrows thrown at us from time to time (we literally mean arrows), so we thought we would get our heads together and give you an insight into some of our pet hates from weddings. Yes, we do have some, and it is only by sharing that we can eradicate these from events going forward, again this is just for jokes and not to be taken out on the next DJ you see at an event!

The lady wearing white (probably a dress, not even a traditional suit), Chitte Suit Te comes on and she’s just waiting for everyone to clock she’s THE one wearing white…yup there she goes straight into the middle of the circle.

Leave it, this is not you, and it is not raining indoors! FML


How many circles do you need?

Sometimes one big one, sometimes a few smalls ones ranging from bibiyan in one, auntiyan in the other, and young girls with the ‘I’m still young Mum’ circle. We love playing our gidda sets for the ladies, but these circles of clapping and looking around aimlessly are not the one.

De De Gerra requests… *!?# OFF

Khaan Peenwale

We came for food and chugli only

These people come to eat drink and chip. Just don’t invite them, they bring nothing but extra cost. Sitting there miserably watching people dance. They do choogliyan when the uncle in white goes off on one…. he did more than you!!!!!

Wrong chitta suit video 


We are in a Bhangra crew you know!

They are worse than people that can’t dance. Leave your Jhummer at the Bhangra Showdown stage and just get involved and have some fun. Don’t act bad in the dance off either, you won’t win because professional bhangra dancers are not allowed to dance against professional drinkers. Bhangra Dancer 0 – 1 Risky Jatt

No meat or Alcohol at the reception?

Can I go now

With half of the bunde in the car park with their boots open, you have just made your wedding a kabaddi tournament. We can hear the sober crew shouting at us, but hey.. These auntys didn’t give a F*&k

DJ, Oi, DJ Wala, You know that song that goes, ting ting a ting!

What songs have you got? We don’t mind requests, sometimes we love them. BUT don’t ask us what songs we have, because that means you don’t know what song you want and therefore you’re wasting my precious time and our mix is going to go out.

Message To All: We love doing weddings, but remember too many “last requests” only ends up in you guys suffering from the DJ dance curse, do you really want to be filmed doing this, all because you wanted 1 more?



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