A Lesson For Many: Rejected By The PTC Panel – But That Did Not Stop Gurnam Bhullar


Punjab has no shortage of singing talent and as PTC Punjab prepare to launch Voice of Punjab season 9 (Monday to Thursday, 7PM from 14 January 2019) we look at one singer who failed on PTC, but has since gone on to become a star within the industry, the diamond in the rough we are talking about is Gurnam Bhullar.

Season 4 of PTC ‘s Voice of Punjab saw a fresh faced Gurnam Bhullar impress at the auditions but he then was  rejected by the judges at the preliminary stages, he even managed to cause Saleem to kick off, and we don’t think Saleem has stopped kicking off ever since.

After the show, Gurnam kept on working on his dream to be a singer. He dedicated himself to lessons and his art, he would sing for free at occasions for friends and family and he just never gave up. Big thing here is he learnt his trade via singing lessons, tutors, and understanding the art. Jass records then invested time and effort in him, as they liked his drive and passion, and damn! He has he repaid them.

He released his debut album ‘Heer Jehiyan Kudian’ in 2014. He became a household name after his song ‘Rakhli Pyar Nal’ in 2016. He then delivered many hit songs like ‘Drivery’ and the monster hit ‘Diamond’, so people out in the world who are looking for a break, look at Gurnam, he had took rejection on the chin, and the rejection was public and quite humiliating for him, but he believed in himself and his art, fair play to you Mr Bhullar, and thank you for Diamond.


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